IT Contribution to Ukraine Energy Independence


The project suggests modernizing lighting systems, power generation facilities and infrastructure. Ukrainian and foreign companies started funding a number of “pilot projects” and are willing to continue this practice in future.

The presented IT project is aimed at attracting investors interested in reducing energy costs by 40% from their initial cost price. According to Ukrainian and foreign analysts, Ukrainian fund of municipal and public objects, subjected to such modernization, involves 80,000 – 100,000 objects. First of all, these are nurseries, schools, hospitals funded from the state budget.

The mentor of the IT project Yevgeniy Sarantsov mentions, that Ukraine-wide energy modernization will cause considerable reduction in annual consumption of gas and electricity. With this in mind, we have decided to create a single register of municipal / public objects.

So far in Ukraine there has been no such a single register, thus, complete and unbiased information was obtained from various sources, or by means of written enquiries. Such database will ensure a more formalized market and fair tenders. Design of ESCO-database will enable easy communication and cooperation of all participants of the energy market – ministries, institutions and local authorities with investors and manufacturers.

Portal will contain information about current market tendencies, draft laws and legislative amendments. The first nation-wide electronic data base will also cover the most prominent cases considering Ukrainian and international experience, focusing on capital intensity of projects, efficiency and payback periods.

The resource will also give a list of prospective events in the field of energy efficiency in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

This year the initial database will involve about 20,000 public property projects which require energy modernization. The data will be organized in a way that every interested investor could calculate initial assessment of investment attractiveness of the chosen object. By 2020 the developers intend to attract over $200 million investment into this market.  

The project has gone through several stages in the contest of IT start-ups, and is currently on the way to its implementation. We have already met potential partners on “1991 Open Data Incubator” and have scheduled meetings with several major investors.

Rethinking realities of life and expecting changes, Ukrainians are witnessing the fact that government, private sector and civil society have initiated a partnership dialogue. Therefore, such a diverse cooperation is very encouraging, and consolidation of different elements makes it possible to build New Ukraine.




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