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Center for Market Economy Development is a community of leading experts, scientists, and sectoral specialists who have common purpose to modernize the Ukrainian economy using best world practices of market economic transformations.

Our mission is to study reforms of the countries all over the world, to search for relevant aspects of the economic policy, and to develop effective solutions for Ukraine in a triangle “Experts-Business-Authority”.


Consultative Council

Chair of the Consultative Council in the Center for Market Economy

Erik S. Reinert is an economist with a worldwide reputation. He is a Professor at Norwegian Institute for Strategic Studies and heads an international fund “The Other Canon Foundation”. Dr. Reinert is also a Professor of Development Strategies at Tallinn University of Technology. He holds a BA from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland; and an MBA from Harvard. Dr. Reinert also has Ph. D. in economics from Cornell University.

Having worked in 54 different countries, he has an extensive experience as a businessman. His book “How Rich Countries Got Rich...and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor” has been published and is still under translation into18 languages.


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Ihor Huzhva – Chief Executive Officer


Volodymyr Panchenko – Chief Research Officer


Yurii Pyvovarov – Chief Operating Officer


Center for Market Economy Development

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About us